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Standard text and languages

supermicro CMS displays standard English text in various places such as submit buttons. They can easily be edited in /inc/languages/en.php or the other available language options (currently German, French and Spanish). Editing those files must be done carefully to preserve PHP syntax and use only HTML codes for foreign characters or an error will result. Make sure to keep within the speech marks.

The language is selected on the setup page. This sets HTML language attribute for the selected language. If French, German or Spanish are selected, the default texts – standard headings, messages, buttons etc will be in that language.

To display correctly, characters in web pages should be available to the browser, normally from a system font installed on the user's computer or an external font, for example a Google web font.


Certain non-Latin (or Latin Extended) characters cannot be used in web page addresses (URLs). The URLs are created from the page title; so is the normal navigation menu text. But you can display non-Latin characters in the navigation menu by adding them in [square brackets] - see navigation menu anchor text »

The default encoding is UTF-8.


supermicro CMS uses Google fonts, either self-hosted or direct from Google Fonts. The default theme uses Ubuntu for page headings and Open Sans for everything else. See fonts and font styles »


Page last modified: 05 August, 2023