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Debug option

Admin setup: Debug (YES/NO)

superMicro CMS uses PHP as its scripting language. PHP has an option to report any scripting errors, which can be turned on or off. Error reporting has various options which can be turned on during development then turned off in actual use. By default, error reporting is turned off because the system as offered for download has been tested as error-free.

However, you can turn error reporting on in Admin / setup by using the Debug option: YES/NO. The CMS will then report any errors in the browser with PHP's 'all errors' option:


The debug option does not actually debug anything but it enables debugging by the type of error reported. There should be no need to do this because as far as I know there are no errors in the system. If you switch debug to YES and you encounter any errors, please let me know including details of the specific error. Then switch debug back to NO.

Thank you.



Page last modified: 03 December, 2022