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Visitor comments

Visitor comments can be enabled on a page-by-page basis by adding an ampersand symbol & to the first line (Line 1) when creating or editing a page. Any comments and a commenting form is then added to the bottom of the page. Comments are sent by email to the email address in Admin / Setup.

  • Deleting the ampersand symbol & on Line 1 will prevent comments being displayed.
  • Adding ^&^ to the end of a page's comments removes the commenting button but leaves comments visible.
  • Deleting a page also deletes any comments.
  • Access and edit a page's comments with the 'Get comments' button in Admin / pages.

Visitor comments are moderated so they do not appear automatically. That is because they are often nonsense or spam. They are received by email for adding manually in admin. It is simple enough.



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Page last modified: 10 February, 2024